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- 220 km2 of forest and mountains well-suited to outdoor family life
- Free fishing whith rod and otter in over 50 lakes
- Net fishing (a local fee must be paid)
- Small game and big game shooting
- Canoe and boat hiring service
- Cabins placed near roads and in the mountains. Cabins information
- Ecotourism principle in all cabins. The owner is a member of Norwegian Ecotourism
- Cabin and fishing places are adapted to the needs of handicapped people
- Walking on well-marked paths
- Refreshing silence in peaceful scenery
Norways Geographic midpoint

Steinkjer Municipality’s Forest Department manages the second largest Munincipality-owned property in Norway with 220 km2, much of it wilderness.

The property is located in the middle of Nord-Trøndelag County near the town of Steinkjer.

The property stretches from the seashore in Steinkjer more or less continuously up and into the" target="_blank">Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella National Park. Our management of these lands goes back several hundred years. These large forests and mountainous areas have been actively managed in a traditional way, which is with forestry, hunting and fishing.

Over the last several hundred years a large local work force was necessary to harvest this resource and has therefore influenced the population of the area which is dominated by rich agricultural landscapes in the valleys up towards the mountains.

The Steinkjer Munincipal Forest Department has in recent decades invested heavily in accommodating and encouraging recreational uses and tourism with rental of cabins, boats and canoes. We offer free fishing in over 50 lakes with excellent quality of trouts. The cabin sizes ranges from 40 – 70 m2 and have from 6 - 10 beds.

The cabins are located in the mountains in connection with Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella National Park with large areas of untouched nature that quickly convey the feeling of a wilderness adventure. In the area we have brown bears, lynx, elk, reindeer and many other wildlife species.

We have incorporated an ecotourism principle in the cabins. We have prioritized peaceful atmosphere, cultural history and sustainable management that is in an ecological balance. When you are in one of our cabins or out fishing in the lakes you should quickly find your way back to an inner peace, so just enjoy the silence and let it overtake you.


The Steinkjer Munincipal Forestry Department (Steinkjer kommunskoger Ogndalsbruket KF) is a member of Norwegian Ecotourism, a network of businesses focussing on tourism with ecological balance.