Small game hunting  

To be able to hunt on Steinkjer Kommune Forestry Department- Ogndalsbruket KF property you must be registered in the Norwegian Hunter Registry or hunter registry in own contry, you must have paid your hunting fees (does not include learning hunts in connection to small game), and have a valid hunting permit.

Small game hunting divides into the following catagories:

A.   Mountain terrain, allowed with dogs.

B.   Forested terrain, allowed with dogs.

C.   Forested terrain and livestock grazing areas with limits on the use of dogs (these areas are a part of catagory B, see hunting area maps.

Hunting/Permits are divided into  various seasons:

1.    21 August – 9 September. Weekly permit/ season permit.

2.    10 September – 14 September. Mountain terrain or forest terrain with dog, applies to a limited number of season permits and for a limited period.

3.    15 September – 19 September. Mountain terrain or forest terrain with dog, applies to a limited number of season permits and for a limited period.

4.    20 September – the end of the season. Weekly permit/ season permit.

5.    10 September – 19 September. Mountain AND forest terrain combined with dogs (only with specific application). Applies to a limited number of season permits and for a limited time.

Application deadline for the limited permits is 1 May

Cabin rentals with the appropriate hunting permit for limited periods can be purchaced directly from Steinkjer Kommune Forestry Department. Deadline for applications is 1 May.

-       Lustadstu Capercaille terrain
-       Lågvassbu Ptarmigan hunting
-       Skjækerosstu Ptarmigan hunting

After 1 May you may buy leftover permits from for the limited hunting periods of 10-14 September and 15-19 September.

Both season permits and week permit for small game and roe deer can be purchased here:
Malmo Sport (tel. 74 16 17 36)
Sportshytta (tel. 74 16 22 11)

All hunters are expected to know the hunting rules and regulations, and limits for daily quotas prior to hunting. These should be printed out and have together with their hunting permits while hunting. The daily quota for Ptarmigan can be found on our webpage

We remind you of the following:

-Limits have been placed on take of Ptarmigan (bag limits)

-Female Capercallie are protected!

-Ptarmigan are protected after Christmas



Roe deer hunting

Location and terrain:

Steinkjer Kommune Forestry Department owns about 200 km2 including both forest and mountain areas. These are fantastic areas for small game hunting, great habitats for Ptarmigan, mainly willow ptarmigan, while rock ptarmigan are seen occationally. The forest areas are great habitat for hare, roe deer and Capercallie, and they may all be hunted. The areas for roe deer hunting, totally about 100 km2, are easly accessible and is average forest areas, including forest, peats and some agricultural land

The main area for roe deer hunting is just 20 km east of Steinkjer city.

The whole area B on the map is available for roe deer hunting, all is forest terrain. Area C is reserved for long term roe deer hunting contracts. Available long term contracts are announced on our web-site.

Roe deer buck hunting is allowed from 10 August to 24 September

Normal roe deer hunting is allowed from 2 October

During the moose hunting periods, from 25 September to 1 October and from 10 October to 23 October, roe deer hunting in the forest areas is not allowed.

Use of dogs for hunting

It is required to have access to a search dog trained for hunting purposes.

In areas where dogs may be used for hunting, only one dog at the time can be off the leash. In cases where sheep og cattle are grazing during the hunting period the dog must have a «sheep safety certificate». The owner of the dog is responsible for any damage to domestic animals.


Herds size

Currently there is a healthy herd of roe deer in the hunting areas