Canoe and kayak trips on Ogna River
For those of you with paddle happy friends and family we can offer you several canoes and kayakks available for rent. With a starting point in Støa and Hyllbrua on the Ogna River is is possible to paddle in towards Lustadvatnet (lake). We can also offer guided trips if desired and there are possibilities serving of local foods either indoors or outdoors.

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The Triangle

This is a cabin-to-cabin trip in the Ogndal Mountains. The trip starts in Mokk and we recommend going innland towards our rental cabin Lågvassbu for the først overnighting. From here you can go further to Skjækerosstu for a second overnighting and then perhaps onwards to Sætertjønnhytta (Norwegian Trekking Association owned) for a third night. The trip should include at least two overnightings.

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The Midpoint

A vist to Norways Geographic midpoint should be obligatory when man first begins exploring Ogndals region. We recommend a trip along our prepared trail from Krokbakken and in to the Midpoint Marker. And perhaps continue your trip further to thhe Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella National Park?

We can offer boat transport, guiding and overnighting if desired.

Winter Trips

Three-day trip to Skjækra with overnighting in Steinkjer Kommune Forestry Department – Ogndalsbrukets rental cabins at Lågvassbu og Skjækerosstua. The cabins are fully equipped, the only thing you need are duvet covers and pillow cases.

There is a marked trail during the winter from Krokbekken in to Lågvassbu via the Norwegian Geographic Midpoint. To get to Skjælrerrosstu there is a marked trail in to Skjækervatnet og then follow the land doen to the cabin. We recommend skis og perhaps trekk dogs to come into the cabins, but it is also to order transport for an extra charge.

Once you are in the area for a few days we recommend taking short or longer day crosscountry ski trips into the">nasjonalpark A round-trip tour around Løysmundhatten is ca. 30 km. A tourr to the top of Skjækerhatten is ca. 35 km.

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Ice-fishing at the entrance to Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella National Park

Try a 3-day trip in Skjækra with a focus on ice fishing! The tour includes 2 overnightings in cabins. Skjækervatnet is known for good fishing possibilities and is found at Steinkjer Forestry Department’s Skjækerosstu rental cabin. In addition there are many small lakes in the area around Skjækerosstu og Lågvassbu where you can try your fishing luck. There is an ice drill at the cabins but you have to bring your own fishing tackle. And remember fishing is free on Steinkjer Kommune Forestry Department lands.

Ther is a winter trail marked from Krokbekken to Lågvassbu and a partially marked trail further to Skjækerosstu. We encourage travelers to use crosscountry skis, but transportation can be arranged if necessary for an extra charge.

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